Aparrent, SL ( Aicat 1664) domiciled at Avda Carles Fages de Climent, S / N in Empuriabrava and whose NIF is B17328527 registered in the Commercial Register of Girona, Volume 200, Paper number 35, Sheet GE3618, acts as a legal intermediary between the owners or administrators of the accommodations and theclients who contract the stay in the apartments.


The rental amount is  the one that is indicated on the particular conditions of the booking confirmation or contract , where  the total amount of the rental and contract fees, supplies and all the extra services that the customer has contracted are mentioned.


The way of payment will be  50% of the total amount on reservation and the rest of the amount to pay will be paid on the day of the keys delivery. The payment of the first 50% will be realised once the pre-booking has been done and within 48 hours after doing it. The company reserves the right to cancel pre-booking if it doesn’t receive the proof of payment in that period.
Payments can be realised as follows:

Bank Transfer:
Bank: Banc Sabadell
0081 0177 12 0001089409
ES33 0081 0177 1200 0108 9409
PO Box 36, 17487 Empuriabrava (Girona)  Spain

Credit Card:

Cash Payment
At Our offices


The rental period is specified in the particular conditions of the contract, the delivery of keys will be between 16:00 hours and 19:00 hours the first day of the contracted rental period of your accommodation. In case the client can’t arrive in time, he has to inform APARRENT, SL the estimated hour of arrival in order that the staff of Aparrent S.L. will be able to arrange it. Otherwise APARRENT, SL is free of any obligation, losing the tennant the deposit paid on reservation.
Departure will be on the agreed day , maximum the latest at 10:00 hours. Otherwise, the client has to inform APARRENT, SL  24 hours in advance and provide the exact time of departure. In this case, the  client has to take the keys to our offices and leave the accommodation as he found it.


At  the keys delivery the tennant has to sign a document authorizing the charge by credit card for APARRENT, S.L. of the  indicated  deposit amount. At the end of the contract the client compromises himself to leave the accommodation in the same conditions in which he found the lodging, furniture or its utensils, being responsible for all damage caused during the tenancy as a result of their misuse, including those caused by pets. On the contrary case the amount for the repair of the caused damage will be deducted from the deposit.


The consumption of electricity, water and gas are included in the price of the contract, unless specific accommodations that indicates the opposite. In case of accommodations that have  air conditioning or heating and that the use is not included in the price, it will be specified in each booking. If gas cylinders are empty, the customer must contact APARRENT, SL and take the bottle, at public opening hours, to Aparrent, SL offices in order that the client can take  a full gas cylinder.


Accommodations that are integrated in a  community of neighbours are governed by its rules and regulations of procedure. In case community facilities such as swimming pools, tennis courts, etc ... are not open throughout all the year, opening and closing dates depend on weather, demand, hygiene and other factors. Therefore APARRENT, SL is not responsible for the closure of community facilities caused by other factors than the actual management of rental intermediation. Customers are also responsible for their safety while using these facilities.


APARRENT, SL will automatically rescind the contract in the following cases:
1.    The excess of occupants in a lodging. In that case APARRENT, Sl is allowed to ask for the name and identity of each occupant at all times.
2.    The assignment or subletting of all or part of the subject of this contract..
3.    The change in the location of furniture in the accommodation.
4.    The performance of any activity in contradiction with the local regulations and the use of living, hygiene and  public regulation or that prevent the normal rest from other users of the building, complex or development.


APARRENT, SL shall not be liable in the following cases:
1.    Robery, loss or damage suffered by clients during their stay in rented accommodation.
2.    The  non consumption suplying of large companies such as electricity, water or gas.
3.    Broken appliances or any other device that is part of the property has to be notified to APARRENT, SL and this will be reported to Technical Service within 24 hours. But no assistance from this service shall not be grounds for compensation by APARRENT, SL
4.    The works done by the council or other companies not related to APARRENT, SL. in the vicinity or in the same buildings, which may affect the normal development of the clients stay.


In case of cancellation by the client the following rules will be taken:
1.    If cancellation occurs within 45 days before the date of arrival of the client Apparent, SL will retain the 25% of the total amount of rental and fees of the contract.
2.    If the cancellation is made between 0 days and 45 days before the arrival date of the client Aparrent, SL will retain 50% of the total amount of rental and fees of the contract.
3.    If cancellation occurs after the client has entered in the property, APARRENT, SL will retain the 100% of the total amount given by the customer for the total amount of rental and fees of the contract.
4.    In all cases, regardless of when the cancellation occurs, SL APARRENT will receive at least the amount of about 25% of the total amount which includes rental and fees. This amount corresponds to the recruitment fee to be charged by APARRENT SL to the client and that is included in the total bill for contracted services in each stay.

In case that an accommodation hired by the client could not be delivered by APARRENT. SL, APARRENT S.L. compromises itself to provide an alternative accommodation with a similar or higher category .If Aparrent, SL can not satisfy the customer, APARRENT S.L. will refund the amount of money that the client has paid to APARRENT, SL for the intermediation management.